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EVE[EVE Online] I’ve been playing EVE Online now since May 2005. In the last month, I think I might have left the station once. Ever since I purchased my second account during the special promotion CCP ran, all I have been doing is logging in to train.

The end result of this is I’m starting to forget how to actually play this game. I’m feeling like a noob again. Only this time since I’m not a noob I feel too stupid to ask questions because I should already know this stuff. Really, I just need to get back out and blow something up.

This seems to happen to me in most any game. I hit a lull and I stop playing as much and then it feel like I’m too far below the curve to get back into the game. So I quit. Difference is, I don’t want to quit EVE. This is the first game that I can’t imagine quitting. Strange thing that, perhaps it is the real time training that keeps me paying the monthly fee. Even when I am not interested in playing, my characters are still improving.

Sometimes I think I need to spice it up a little and go pirate (with my new guy – not this one). I have some connections into the darker side of EVE and I could pursue something that way, but I would have to cut my ties with my current corp before I would feel comfortable with it. My corporation is a good one, and they seem to have a lot of fun – but I’m always missing out on it.

I’m kind of all over the place here now. I guess the best thing about EVE Online is hidden in here somewhere. That best thing might be this: if you get bored of the gameplay – you can change it. This game is the most flexible I have ever encountered. There are so many options regarding how *you* choose to play the game. Perhaps this is really why I don’t quit EVE.

Now that I’m coming out of my Oblivion-induced haze and my new character is decently trained, it’s time to get back out into space and make some things go boom. Undocking…

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Lost In Space”

  1. Great thing about EvE is that you can train during your lulls….and don’t be afraid to ask about stuff, eve is so big people will just assume you’ve been doing something else :)

  2. I am having a blast with ArsC :) I have thoughts of going pirate on a second account just for the fun of it and for practice. But I don’t have connections or ISK to get one started :P I wouldn’t pirate, but be more of an anti-pirate cruiser or something. Bait them and then gank them :)

    The hardest part of being in the war right now is that I’m not comfortable flying yet and therefore I stick to small inexpensive ships to minimize the effect on the corporation. I was hoping to start practicing piloting a cruiser, but with the war its not worth it atm :P

    Keep training those skills because then you can really get back in at any time :)

  3. I’m dipping my toe into lvl 2 missions with my alt Taleen – twould be fun to have some help Ethic. I’m currently in Tourier but have a lvl 2 agent a bit further afield.

  4. Boy do I know the feeling! And it not the big stuff you forget, it’s the little stupod things like “Uh, I do you set bookmarks again?” which make you feel like an idiot!

    Nothing to be ashamed of though, we’ve all been there – some more times then they can count (Hrmmmm, who yo lookin at!) . =)

  5. Ethic…I’m on most the time you are, being in a similar time zone, Fire me a Priv Convo if you have specifics :P I owe you one anyway. As far as going pirate, if you Feel like bein a Hoodlum, let me know because I’m now in a Corp that is PvP, but mostly Anti-Pirate, so we surf the nooby channels wait for someone to cry “Podded” and then we contact them, w/ specific cords to the bad buys. One guy goes in cloaked, Web’s em and we warp in on our ninja buddy and whooop some Stupid-Gate Camping-Pirates that are out popping friggates for no good reason :P

    Stay out of Rancer, because it’s notorious for these gate camps :P

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