Easy Come Easy Go

EVE[EVE Online] I decided to leave my corp out in 0.0 for various reasons, none of which involve the corp itself. So, I posted a small goodbye (for now) post on the corp forum and before I knew it I couldn’t even access the forums any more. Talk about security.

I was still technically in the corp but they cut me out of the forums and my chance to read all the “sad farewells” and “fly safes” and “you’ll be backs” and of course the “can I have your stuffs?” was gone. *sniff* Oh well, that’s the sort of thing that 0.0 life gives you. Better to be safe than sorry (unlike another big alliance that I used to belong to and I can still read their forum to this day).

I left 4 ships behind me as I jumpcloned out, I’ll get those back someday. I still had about a 7 jump trip to get back to Empire, but I managed to do that with no additional problems. So now I am broke and flying around in a beat up second-hand Rifter and I have to buy my own stuff again. That sucks. I did enter the latest round of the BIG Lottery so wish me luck as there are some sweet prizes for the big 3rd Anniversary.

I’m back in Empire all by my lonesome with nobody to guide me. I flew all the way back to my original starting system and my tutorial agent was still sitting there waiting for me to continue. So I did. What a noob.

– Ethic

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I own this little MMO gaming blog but I hardly ever write on it any more. I'm more of a bloglord or something. Thankfully I have several minions to keep things rolling along.

13 thoughts on “Easy Come Easy Go”

  1. Thanks for getting me started in 0.0 :) Hope you have fun elsewhere :) I’m not sure how long I will be able to stick around with my busy RL, but I’ve learned a lot about EVE and MMOG’s while in 0.0 space.

  2. o.O
    This must be your “other ” character. Dude, Im always willing to team up for missions/mining/rat hunting/player rat hunting/anything realy.
    Just say the word. tAMI has low sec, though not 0.0, mining available, lvl 3 and 4 mission runners, rat hunters, ect. Name your tune.

  3. Seems a bit paranoid, but one can hardly blame them – it’s ridiculously easy to get taken to the cleaners with a misjudged granting of corporate roles in that game. Also, I wonder if the blog becomes a liability from their perspective – Tobold seems to be having (had) similar kinds of trouble with his WoW guild too:


    Not that you should stop blogging, of course :)

    You’re more than welcome to sign on with our little oufit, although we’re very small, and pretty much on European play hours, which might not work out for you that well. Give me a holler if you’re interested anyway.

  4. I told them about the blog right from the beginning and they have never said anything but praise regarding it. I’m just happier on my own right now. I’ll be happy to tag along on anything you guys are doing – but another corp is out of the question right now – I just need some Empire war-free time.

  5. Add me to the list of joining up and rat-hunting. I just lost my only RL “EVE-friend” to Oblivion, so I’d be glad to run around with you as well.

  6. Next time any of you guys are on, lets coordinate where we are running missions and such and we can go from there. KTR Channel. I’m up for anything but I need to buy something bigger than a frig most likely.

  7. Im in Derelik and Amarr mostly, but Im pretty mobile.
    Need a new ship Ethic? Sounds like a job for tAMI, you do get the employee discount after all. ;D

  8. Only 4? Your nerd-fu is weak my friend. I bet I have 20 alts in WoW. Nerdtastic!

  9. Ah… but how many 60s do you have? Huh?

    That is the true measure of a nerd my friend. EVERYONE FESS UP!

    I have one 58 priest. That’s all.


  10. I didn’t get any one of my alts over 29. I get distracted too easily. Ooh shiny! *runs away*

  11. Heh, it was harder to leave 0.0 than I thought it would be. Of course, the corp has a lot to do with that. Thanks for the warm welcome back.

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