OMG Who is this girl?

Ok ok ok. This is obviously a departure from my normal rants and raves here, but I just HAVE to ask. Do you know who this girl is? I saw her on Thursday May 11th, outside of the LA Convention Center (E3 2k6!). They were heading towards the subway.

Who is she?

Do you recognize either of the guys with her? I have GOT to find out who she is. She had the most beautiful eyes I have ever in my life seen in person, and she literally stopped me short in my tracks and made me stutter. Ask spot about it.

Yes, nerdy I know, but man, I’m telling you. This muse could inspire masterpieces. She is gorgeous. Anyway, help a fellow geek out. Ask all your friends. Have them ask their friends. Ask your guild. Send out press releases.

Use my email address here if you have any info. Thanks. May your coffers always be filled with platinum.

16 thoughts on “OMG Who is this girl?”

  1. This post is a waste of space!

    And I think she’s ugly. F-ugly even. :)

  2. Ha, best picture ever! It should be easy to track her down with such solid evidence! :P

  3. This is slightly disturbing…. but then again, you wont even rationally discuss RMT so um… yeah respect was already low.

  4. RMT? I’m more than happy to discuss it…what’s it stand for?

  5. I doubt I will ever find out who she is, but nothing ventured nothing gained right? Although I must admit I didn’t expect to see any obtuse comments here.

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