How Do You Manage EVE Faction?

EVE[EVE Online] I am back on the far side of the EVE Gate for another month. The last time I was here, I was working for the Gallente Navy, which made me lots of Gallente friends but the Caldari may hate me forever. Between the derived modifications and actually blowing up Caldari ships en masse in missions, the Caldari State stopped inviting me to parties.

This time, I have been working to balance that out. I am now in Caldari space, running missions for Caldari corporations. With some social skills, my gains from Caldari faction have been higher than my losses to Gallente faction… until they sent me to fight Gallente invaders. A single mission can do significant damage to the Gallente good will I earned last time. I am not even working for the Caldari Navy; my contact is with the Corporate Police Force, a friend to Hyasyoda Corp.

Is there a way to keep taking combat missions without blowing up one of the four empires? I don’t mind pirate hunting, but blowing up my own race is not a winner. Or do you have a better notion of how to manage faction?

: Zubon

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  1. Whenever I was given a mission to blow up factional ships (Tech Secrets, for example), I just declined. You can do that once every four hours without taking a rep hit with who you’re working for. If it happened twice inside of four hours, that was my cue to go do something else.

  2. Huh. Is that 1/four hours per contact or per corporation? There are two contacts of the same level, Surveilance and Security, in the same station. I could bounce between them as necessary.

  3. There are some corps whose missions will have little or no adverse impact on race/faction standings. Sisters of EVE is one. I don’t remember any others but I know I googled it sometime (or maybe it’s in the player’s guide :-).

    Of course, this won’t necessarily help you gain standing with those evil Caldari … what’s wrong with a neg.standing with them anyway :-) :-)

    I believe it’s one refusal per agent per 4 hours. Alternatively, or as well, have a few agents going at the same time, and if you do decline go use another one for the 4 hours, just in case s/he offers you another bad mission during that period.

    Fly safe, hv.

  4. BTW, it’d be good if there was some way of knowing what game your banner shots game from … some of them look soooo cool :-) :-)

  5. I considered going through them all and putting the game name on them somewhere. I’ll do it when I get some free time. Sorry off topic.

  6. A Gallente working for the Caldari State!!! Huh!!! What is this universe coming too!!

    Seriously though, the only advice I would tell you would be to choose your sides and work with agents accordingly. My character, Treenara Mazouk is Gallente, and though I used to work within the Gallente Federation, since I joinned PPL, we’ve moved to the Khanid Kingdom and have been working for their agents since then.

    Never will I work for the Caldari, though!!!! …unless the pay well. Do they?

  7. I just shoot first and ask questions later… Eve’s all about blowing stuff up anyway…Why worry about what Faction loves you… They dont even send presents :P

  8. It’s every 4 hours for each contact, so with two in the same area you’d rarely be missionless. I also avoid doing the storyline bonus missions they mail you about out of the blue unless they have a good reward. Those lower the other factions.

  9. They pay pretty well, especially when you go out to blow up your other friends. Of course, is the 250,000 ISK for a level II mission worth the two -0.8% (or whatever it is) faction hits?

    I will learn more about what these contacts have to offer, but I should be able to work around the “blow up Gallente/Minmatar” missions. Also, the gains from my storyline missions are much larger than the derived modifications sinking me elsewhere. It might be nice to eventually be friends with all the empires. The pirates, of course, will stab me in the eyes, but they seem to be shooting at me anyways.

  10. Zubon: Echoing Harsh, I believe that it’s 1 refusal per 4 hours per agent.

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