Upcoming in Issue 7

cov[City of Villains] Issue 7 seems to have some of the best CoX content to date, judging by comments from the test server. All the comments I have made about Striga Isle and thematically flavorful contacts are borne out in spades.

The new contacts include your signature archvillains with their brands of infamy, a mad scientist to improve on Doc Buzzsaw, a personal sort of evil in the mold of Peter Themari, a strike force against the Freedom Phalanx and Vindicators, and a mission with a hand-designed team of hero bosses. (Sorry if those names are unfamiliar to folks who have not played CoV.)

I want to mention the Civic Squad a bit more, the team of heroes. This is a cool thing, unique NPCs rather than just putting a name on yet another Bone Daddy or Gunslinger. They are bosses rather than Elites and Heroes, so the mission remains sane, and their number scales to yours. They have different ATs and templates, so they can work together rather than just fight alongside one another, although they seem to have the standard AI. This sort of personal touch is why we don’t just fight randomly generated drones endlessly (or perhaps you do).

Details? Issue 7 might go live sometime this month, and I expect to resubscribe in July, so I can tell you about it then. For spoilers, you can visit the test server boards. Two sample threads:

And of course, Mayhem Missions. Once all the major bugs are worked out, this will be exciting.

: Zubon

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