It’s the Name, Isn’t It?

Does everyone get spam in Chinese and Japanese these days? Maybe half of these are ads for gold in WoW. It only happens to my blogging address, which is a Japanese word/phrase (depending on which version you have). My normal address just gets the normal spam every two minutes, with hot wet teen Nigerian royalty telling me I have already won all-natural herbal mortgage refinancing from lesbian tentacle-rape warnings that my PayPal account has been compromised. For all I know, the Japanese e-mail says the same thing, but I don’t want to know what the kanji for that sentence would look like. Also, sorry about setting off every alarm on your work internet filter.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “It’s the Name, Isn’t It?”

  1. Just for everyone’s information and entertainment, this is how that glorious sentence looks after having been filtered by the BorkBorkBork email filter:

    “hut vet teee Neegeriun ruyelty telleeng me-a I hefe-a elreedy vun ell-netoorel herbel murtgege-a reffeenuncing frum lesbeeun tentecle-a-repe-a verneengs thet my PeyPel eccuoont hes beee cumprumeesed”

  2. Yeah, I also get Japanese and Chinese spam for my blog email address, and “normal” spam for my other email addresses.

  3. Oh so that’s how they got it!!! I also get tons of Japanese and Chinese spam, mostly pr0n.

    I just couldn’t figure out how and why they were hitting that email address. Thank the Google god Gmail has good spam filters!

  4. Yeah, my Gmail account gets almost no spam at all, except for my more-or-less-daily delivery of inexplicable moon language spam. It’s all text, and I don’t think there are even any links in them. I have no idea what they’re about, or why Gmail doesn’t catch them when they’re all so damned uniform. Is there a way to just ban all mail with non-ASCII subject lines?

  5. It’s not just email. In the past two months the comments here have been spammed to the tune of 5,014 worthless messages.

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