Now Testing in the Training Room

coh[City of Heroes] All changes to the game are done for a reason. Changes cannot happen on their own, so someone must consciously implement them. Today’s puzzle for you: why was the following change made?

All Confusion effects are now stripped from a character when they zone.

Answer after the break.

Recluse’s Victory (the new level 50 PvP zone) connects to Atlas Park (the original level 1 PvE zone), right next to the first contacts. A level 50 could get confused in RV, quickly head back, then use Nova to wipe out the fifteen newbie heroes closest to the newbie contacts. Alternately, you are just seconds away from Ms. Liberty, the newbie trainer, so you could wipe out a mass of folks who are leveling or just standing around preening. If you are fast, you could probably export this to other zones (or use the other PvP zones to help you), but the potential for mischief is not quite as large as exposing level 1s to detonating level 50s.

In Shadowbane, this would be an example of “emergent gameplay.” In City of Heroes, it will get your account suspended, presumably for long enough for this patch to go in.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Now Testing in the Training Room”

  1. Interesting, but I’d have thought that the game engine would recognise a hero attack being triggered in a PvE hero zone and assign damage accordingly.

  2. Ooops, pressed submit too early.

    By which I mean that I don’t see how this could have been an issue. Oh, to know the inner secrets of the game engine!

  3. There are enemies who have confuse, and I think at least a few are on the Heroes side, so heroes will sometimes damage each other through confusion. I am not sure if any of those are in the PvE zones rather than the PvE missions.

  4. Only one I can think of for heroes is Cortex, at the end of the Positron Task Force (which is a ridiculously huge mission). Villains, of course, have Succubi both inside and outside missions, which have a fairly nasty short term confuse effect.

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