The Move Is On

EVE[EVE Online] The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. Our corporation (Ars Caelestis) had another corp we highly respected merge into ours. Shortly after that there was an election for the HUZZAH Federation president. The leader of the corp that merged into ours decided to run and one other player in another corp also decided to run. The election was close but a winner was chosen.

Everything changed for us after the election. It became clear that our corporation’s direction and goals did not really match up with those of our alliance any more. We discussed it at length and decided to leave the alliance so we gave our official notice. Not long after that the corp that merged into ours announced they wanted to go their own way as well and left our corporation and the alliance. My time with HUZZAH was very enjoyable and exciting and I won’t soon forget all the fun we have had.

Our leaders approached a few alliances that we were interested in and narrowed our choices down to two options. The seperation from HUZZAH became official and we moved out of the area, back into empire space.

While waiting for some information about our two options, we were suprised by third option to join Ascendant Frontier (ASCN). After all of our corp members reviewed the goals and ideals of the alliance, we recognized it would be a great place for us and chose to join them. ASCN is currently the largest alliance in the game, so things should be interesting in the future.

IT’s funny for me too, because most of the other corps I had considered applying to way back when I started playing are all currently in ASCN.

All of this activity is reminding me of what I like so much about EVE. This is all player created content. I find myself feeling like I am playing the game even when I am not logged into it. We have been debating on the forums, discussing possibilites and voting on choices. It’s been very exciting and enjoyable for me. It may not be for everyone, but I am really enjoying the political side of this game. And to suprise me even more, I am enjoying a PvP game. I used to avoid them like the plague, but this just works for me.

– Ethic

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13 thoughts on “The Move Is On”

  1. Interesting development indeed.

    The only time I was in an Alliance was with my old corp, Coreli. And it did not last long. Soon after, Coreli was splitting up, with the some of its members becoming pirates, some forming a new corp, and others, myself included, going there own way.

    My current corp, Phoenix Propulsion Labs, has so far remained neutral, but who knows!

    That’s the beauty of the political ramification of EVE. Something the new players rarely get to see at first, or just never have a chance to experience.

    As for PVP, I’m in the same boat as you are. After two years in EVE, I’m finally getting into it. Slowly but surely.

  2. I said all of this long ago… but HF blew nuts and ArsC should of never been there to begin with. But anyways thats just my opinion. Glad to see the boyz moving onto better things.

    Hopefully I can rejoin ArsC here in the near future now that I may get some gaming time back.

  3. Awesome for you Ethic!… Ascendant Frontier is an awesome Corp / Alliance. Do you know where you’re going to be stationed? Looks like you’ll be out in Feythabolis / Esoteria or Paragon Soul,’re gonna be out there :P Well I guess I won’t be running in to you anytime soon. We just merged with a BoB friendly Alliance, Ill be out in Fountain, should be very lucrative :) We will see. Anyway let me know how ASCN treats you :) Talk to you soon.

  4. Ironically, we *could* have ended up in that area too. As for where we are stationed, I’m afraid it’s not something I can go into at this time. I’m sure you understand. Keep in touch.

  5. Not a problem, we’re actaully stationed in a few systems right now, which is always fun, to fly around and run in to corp members all over (Those little Green background stars) :P Anyway, you’ll have to convo me some time in EVE, is the KTR channel still up? let me know …THanks Ethic! :P

  6. Things are heating up for the Tired EvE pilot as well. I’ve kinda been voted and kinda just taken Fleet Admiralship in our alliance after we got war deced and alaph is having a hel of alot of fun blowing stuff to dust in her new favorite toy called the Lachesis. :D

    Hope to pod you soon Ethic ;p

  7. I honestly play 10 hours or less per week, been super busy. Regardless, I keep up to date by reading the corp/alliance forums and log in when I’m free.

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