Thanksgiving Missions

Your mother-in-law tells you, “Take this [twenty-dollar bill] to the [gas station] and return with [a tank of gas]. [Courier mission]

I also helped with some yard work at my grandmother(-in-law)’s house. She and her daughter were having a dispute about whether all leaves should be taken away or whether some should be left around the bases of the trees. Receiving opposing instructions, I thought that “Steal the helpless old woman’s compost” would make a great City of Villains mission, maybe for Westin Phipps.

: Zubon

One thought on “Thanksgiving Missions”

  1. ah the great arguments our elders get into. A few thanksgivings ago, my grandfather started arguing with my mother because she made 2-3 cups of decaff when only he wanted it. He was yelling “you’re wasting coffee!” and my mother was yelling “you have to make a minimum amount or it won’t work!”

    The best part of this thanksgiving was I finally got my HDTV working again after months of it not working, so I got a chance to watch the Bears turnover the ball a lot. Well at least we got a few turnovers too.

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