Ouroboros, WoW style

Way back when I was but a lad, there was this movie with fairly tacky special effects (for the time even) but a decent story called The Neverending Story. I reallywasn’t a fan of the movie, but what I remember most about the movie was the amulet the main character had, an ouroboros. For those not up on ancient greek, it’s a snake eating it’s own tail. I always thought it was a cool image. It’s also a fairly popular image/metaphor in your average ancient fable. Not sure why…perhaps the local Fable Outlet didn’t stock many plot elements.

Where was I? Oh ya, WoW eating it’s own tail… Full circle. Good grief have you tried to log on recently?

I’ve had a bit more time to actually play lately (in comparison to my normal log on, afk for 20 min, get booted, log back on routine), and the lag has been horrible since the new patch. And the queues! Took me an hour to get in the other night. I bought the game well after release to avoid these issues, but 2.01 WoW seems more and more like 1.01 WoW. I wonder…what will BC bring?

*prepares for the rains of frogs*

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6 thoughts on “Ouroboros, WoW style”

  1. Isn’t that normal behavior for any game shortly after a major patch? Swarms of people that are not quite as active trying the new things to see if they should be more active.

  2. I’ve had no problem logging in (as in straight from login to char selection to playing) except for first couple of hours after the patch and for a few hours yesterday. I play 10+ hours a day, everyday.

  3. “I play 10+ hours a day, everyday”

    Wow…I think at that point had my wife not killed me, my eyeballs would run away in protest. At most, I play for 1-2 hours straight, usually because I’m in an instance.

    It’s likely the “older” servers seeing this more, I guess. I know most members of my guild are running 500+ queues every night.

  4. I’ve had some bad lag lately and the other night I saw a 400+ que for the first time since I started playing. I have mixed feelings about how WOW has been performing lately: on the one hand, more people are coming back to the game since the patch has changed the game (even if it is for the worse right now). But on the other hand, Blizzard and parent company Vivendi have made millions from WOW so perhaps they should have pumped more money into gearing up hardware for the expansion (and the expansion itself for that matter).

  5. The only lag I experience is in BGs. Every AV I enter will begin to lag after about 10 minutes and will eventually fix itself. I play on older server that actually use to be full pop servers but have since become medium. The only server queue I’ve experienced recently had an 8 man wait time.

    I currently PvP only in WoW. With the release of 2.01, my disgust with some elements of WoW PvP have been heightened, both by the bugginess of BGs right now and just the fact that so many people are doing PvP now that it makes these faults worse (deserter, faction imbalance, and premade vs pug).

    With the lack of any apparent PvP improvements in the expansion besides the new BG, which is just a combination of current BGs, and my utter lack of interest in TBC’s content as a whole, I’m beginning to wonder if TBC will be the end of WoW for me.

  6. The wife and I, on our occasional attempts to log in, lately either find a long queue or else the server is down for some reason or another. It’s been enough that she wants to try Everquest 2 (after trying the free Fae trial thanks to Blizzard’s queue pushing us away) now so I’ll see some of you over there perhaps.

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