“Pwn” Pwned?

Lake Superior State University has called for the retirement of the word “pwn” in 2007. Those are surely our people on the committee deciding such things, because I promise you that my mother, boss, and state senator do not know the term. Then again, they called for the demise of “blog” for 2005, but I hear this blogging thing is catching on. “LOL” and “bots” are still going strong, but after eight years, large parts of the online world have wiped out “that’s gay,” in favor of “that’s ghey.” Progress!

: Zubon

6 thoughts on ““Pwn” Pwned?”

  1. I actually think the word “emo” is replacing “gay” as the standard internet/mmo insult. Apparently 14 year olds are more offended by being compared to whiny, suicidal, goths then homosexuals nowadays. Don’t know if thats a good thing but I sure was getting tired of “That’s gay!”

  2. “that’s ghey” TLDR!

    “gey” is the new “gay”

    “emo” should be out soon, I saw it in an Apple commercial a month ago. Once the old dead white waspy marketing execs learn a word and think “hey that’s the cool slang all the kids are using!” it pretty quickly gets replaced.

  3. Oh lord, that is the one word that I would love to see banished from the english language forever. I would /ignore every person I’ve ever seen use it in-game, but my ignore list would be full after half a day. Too bad the game has no mechanism for creating your own filtered words list. “Traditional” swear words don’t bother me a bit, unless someone’s shouting them in /yell or the general channel, but pwn drives me batshit insane.

  4. I used to type pawn until it occurred to me that it’s supposed to be pwn. That doesn’t bother me at all. It’s l33t speak that drive me batty. By the time I figure out what they’re trying to say, I’ve lost moments of my life I can’t get back and fried a few brain cells.

  5. Personally, I think pwn is downright hilarious. With the internet turning the english language upside down, I find some of the words to be amusing and others like Saylah pointed out, to be annoying as hell. Pwn is ok with me, noob, newb, nub, and other indecisive insults with no universal spelling need to be scraped or at least have their spellings agreed upon.

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