Casual BC @ 60+: 5 things looking to see

wow[World of Warcraft] To finish this up, 5 things I hope to see in BC soon are included after the break. Some are flat expectations, some are desires, and some are wistful dreamings of a bewildered gamer.

Don’t ask which is which.


*An Aldor/Scryer info page directly from Blizzard. Right now, the main source of info is on WoWwiki. It’s almost the only source. If these are intended to be dramatic, empowing faction choices, you need to be given more info than a quest prompt to choose one or the other. Expanations of things you will not be able to do would be, perhaps, the easiest to detail. Also, how you gain and lose, besides a few trivial in-town quests, would be helpful. And finally, a way to easily reset for those of us early adopters who perhaps would like to switch now that we have info.

*Meatier lore. Hellfire Peninsula actually has a decent amount of lore in the quests. Falcon’s watch isn’t explained well, but the rest have a few quests about the “why”. Why is the Cenarion group in Zangadar marsh besides they like plants? When the naga are so obviously evil, how did they miss it? The crystal beings in Shat are gorgeous, but after the initial quest, no one mentions them. How about a book writer talking about how they rose to power? On this note, did Slave Pens last night, and was very disappointed that after killing the betrayer that there was no loop back quest to the group he betrayed in Hellfire Peninsula. I thought this was an interesting quest chain, and a tie back really would have been nice, ala the Defias string in Westfall.

*Better logic on the dynamic spawn system. Neat system, really, and it’s necessary since your entire server is not crowding into 5 zones. However, it doesn’t “think”, and can get crazy. Example: Doing the Natural Remedies quest spawns a massive 62 elite in front of you. All around you are 63rd elites. Bringing your group in to help you kill this guy (it’s a group thing), causes more elites to spawn… There’s a logic loop missing.

*Alt tankability. I’m missing the Paladin side here since I play Horde, but I hope that instances and events can continue to be “tankable” by a non-warrior, such as a bear druid, or possibly a crazy geared shammie. It can be very hard to find a warrior sometimes. On that same note, while playing as a priest means I never have to worry about finding a healer, druids, shammies, and pallies perhaps, should be able to step in as a healer when needed.

*a valid, overarcing, “reason to be there”. So far, not seen it. I’m there for “teh shiney”. The story isn’t moving much right now. I expect the end dungeons will either make this happen or fail miserably. Hoping for the former.

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10 thoughts on “Casual BC @ 60+: 5 things looking to see”

  1. Re: Alt Tankability – We have had a bear tank every single instance in Outlands that we have played so far (up to Sethekk Halls), and to tell you the truth, he has done better than any warrior. Also, we have had a Fury warrior tank some of these instances too, and he has done very well.

  2. So have I. I really enjoy being able to have a bear druid do it, and that’s not just because I think we have really good druids, either. For the game as a whole, being able to not need X class is a fantastic decision.

    Our druids are great though. Even the one in hiding right now (/poke TP).

  3. Heh just wanna pile on the alttank love. Not once have we had a warrior tank any of the instances, have had a Druids mostly and a couple Pally’s do it, and my pet has actually tanked Ramparts and Blood Furnace (Beast Mastery ftw).

    And while I love not having to wait for a warrior, one wonders if the warrior class is just FUBAR now.

  4. Warriors died as a class when a: taunt was changed to be a permanent aggro increase and then b: given to paladins along with their ranged execute. (Not sure if bear form’s Growl follows the same mechanic or not). But now there’s nothing a warrior can say is what they do best. Personally, I think they need a massive dps boost in line with a rogues damage output. Then give rogues more/better abilities to drop out of combat to balance the two classes…warrior’s big weakness is not being able to get out of a fight, and should stay that way.

    But that’s why you can’t find a warrior to tank anymore.

  5. I feel for Warriors as the same thing has happened to priests. I’m all for versatility but not at the expense of the players who rolled and invested in classes that aren’t so special anymore but took a LOT of time to level, spec and gear. Hybrids are great but they need to back-fill preists and warriors with something. The DPS classes are still solidly that it’s just the priests and the warriors whose roles have been somewhat compromised.

  6. I’ve run Ramparts with a warrior tank, a bear tank, and a warrior tank with bear OT. I have to say that druids now have amazing armor and health, but with our bear-tank run we were having major problems with the final boss despite a comparable makeup to the warrior-tank run. The problem – no sunder armor! It’s amazing how much smoother that little ability makes a tough boss fight.

    Warriors aren’t dead as a class, by a long run. Neither are priests. As a holy priest, I like that people are finding pallies and druids to heal for them. Their utility doesn’t make me feel any less useful to my raid and group.

    That said, if I knew any would-be-healers about to roll I’d tell them that the neat tricks priests have aren’t worth the headache of being the only cloth-healer left. WTB plate.

  7. As a warrior that was Protection spec for over a year at lvl 60 and now trying to level (currently 67) mainly solo
    I find that my grinding spec of 32/5/21 a bit of a streach when joining a group when a hunter’s pet is able to drag agro off me kinda sucks….

    as a prot warrior doing MC/AQ40/BWL/Naxx I am not inexperienced in grabing and holding agro, so when this started to happen it firstly confused me and i am strongly rethinking that at 68 I will have to respec back to prot ( it will be a must at lvl 70 anyway there is no question about that in my view)
    this will make the last 2 levels a bit of a struggle unless grouped

    my current AC = 10825 @ 472 def and 8225 HP (tanking gear) unbuffed
    I would hate to see warrior replaced from the primary function…. might as well roll a Lock..

  8. Ding: Hunter should set his pet not to auto-growl if it’s pulling aggro from the main tank.

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