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EVE[EVE Online] I re-subscribed to EVE Online for a month, and as is usually the case, the game has changed quite a bit since I was last here. This time, the boxes of candy from exploding ships have turned into “wrecks,” so I apparently need a salvaging skill to get what I previously got. Is that correct? [edit: no, just first day bad luck with wrecks] Any reason for this, or just a skill point sink? My warping seems to have changed, too. No more of that 10km-off warping?

I have been away for about six months. Any other big changes that will affect me in low-level play?

: Zubon

Update: Funny thing is, I did not realize that I was re-subscribing after a major patch. I expect that I will show up in their data mining as someone who returned in the buzz about Revelations, but I had not heard of it before updating.

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  1. Actually, the loot still drops normally – there’s just additional *new* stuff you can get from salvaging.

    Warp to 0 (instead of 15km) is a huge change, and it alters a lot of aspects of game play. Travel is a lot safer now, for example; they pretty much have to have a bubble on a gate to gank you. Note that the autopilot won’t use WTZ, so don’t AFK in low-sec. I’ve noticed that when mining, if I need to move more than 10km or so, it’s quicker to BM the target ‘roid, warp away, and then warp straight to it than to actually fly there. No more instas is nice too.

    Exploration is a huge deal, but there’s a lot of time to invest to get into it (and decent), and I think you pretty much have to have a covert ops ship to even do it. But the payoffs are pretty good I hear.

    I think that pretty much sums it up. Welcome back!

  2. Awww there goes my market for insta making if I ever come back!

    Sounds like some great changes. I wish I had the time for EVE to be somewhat serious about it, but I don’t. I sorta wish I was still training skills, but until they allow me to setup 2-3 skills to train one after the other that is a no go for me.

  3. Another change: the Escrow is gone and replaced by a “contract” system which is (surprise!) skill based – regarding the amount of contracts one can set up.
    And the contract system is region based, though I can look into the contracts in other regions as the one I am in. But only one region at a time.

    New Ships: one Battleship and one Battlecruiser per race.

    New Star map.

    And many small changes I forgot to mention.

  4. I love EVE, even though I dont have time to play much, its so much fun!… This new update is awesome, also they are about to release (Voice over IP) In game..aka no more Teamspeak needed :) Should be very nice. Anyway, Talk to you fellas later.

  5. Ah, there we go, loot. I didn’t play much yesterday, and I got entirely empty wrecks in my first mission, and almost all empty the second mission. Now things are returning to normalcy. Sorry about jumping the gun on salvaging.

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