Vigorous Enforcement

coh[City of Heroes] With Rudy Giuliani running for president, expect to see an occasional mention of innovative police efforts in New York City, notable the broken windows theory of enforcement. The idea is that when you enforce minor laws, people never break the big ones.

We have been testing it continuously in Paragon City. When we see a suspected gang member engaged in petty larceny, purse-snatching, or (especially) loitering, we open fire with automatic weapons or perhaps drain their souls with powers from the netherworld. More creative heroes might gut them with claws or simply set fire to the area. So far, we have not seen a reduction in crime. In fact, over the course of a hero’s career, he sees fewer petty criminals only because they are being replaced by werewolves, killer robots, and the free-roaming souls of our enemies’ ancestors.

Maybe if we electrocuted them…

: Zubon

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  1. Recently a group got together and actually attempted to clean up Perez Park. They got as many folks on the server as possible to come into PP and wipe out the criminals in there. I haven’t yet heard about how well it actually went.

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