Wife’s First Impressions

lotro [The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™] My wife gave the game a try. Some comments:

  • She likes being an elf.
  • The world is pretty, but her character is not. Also, she cannot change how it looks much, like giving her a nice skirt or making her outfit blue. Meanwhile, she is right now repeating how pretty her Second Life avatar looks in her new dress while wondering if she has some knee-high socks to go with it.
  • Killing goblins is one thing, but why does she need to beat up all these poor animals? She is going to be so traumatized when she takes out her first bear.
  • “Can I go any faster?”
  • Needing to face your target is a huge bother.
  • She wants more location help on quests. Yes, the quest text says explicitly where to go, but she likes the City of Heroes arrow pointing to the spot. She does not like following maps.
  • “I just played for an hour and a half. I know that’s not a lot in gamer time, but it is for the rest of us.”

She liked it but was not exuberant.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Wife’s First Impressions”

  1. I sympathise. My one notable complaint about graphics when they asked for feedback was how dreadfully ugly the elven women are.

  2. Yeah th character models themselves are rather bleh, it’s most evident with the elves.

    As for quest text being explicit..not really. Example, there’s a quest to kill some spiders, it tells you it’s “east of blah” so I take off east and end up alllll they way over by the river. Found some spiders, but not the ones I should have been killing (these were about 3 levels higher than the oens i needed), but beggars can’t be choosers so I toughed it out and killed em. Still have yet to find the place I was actually looking for though.

    The other one that annoyed the hell out of me was finding the hunter’s lodge. I apparently ran alllll around the thing several times, finally had to have someone group with me who was standing there so I could find it.

    “or making her outfit blue.”

    Once out of the newbie zones she could grab some dye and change the color of her outfit.

  3. Actually, the one thing that sticks in my mind was the gf saying how she appreciated that the elf models were not designed to be exploitive of women. That stays true of all the character models. I like the look and the mature approach.

  4. You can be mature without making everyone look like a wooden doll. The models just scream bland.

  5. I dunno, I think the back of my elf’s head and the back of my dwarf’s head look pretty good, especially with a hat or helmet on…;)

  6. Hehe – Isn’t it funny how different people like different things from their MMO.

    My husband for example doesn’t mind too much regarding his toons appearance but I agree with your wife in that I want to be able to distinguish the appearance of my toon from others. This is where i believe EQII excels. Their PC character creation tool is wonderful:)

    I dont think that it is even a gender thing – I think it is a personal preference thing. I know plenty of both men and women who play MMO’s. Some of the men I know care very much about the step of character creation, where some of the women dont care as much.

    I say long live diversity:) Then everyone will find a mix of the things they like and the things they dont like in a game.

  7. Deniticus … no offense here. but that sounded kinda… ‘adult in nature’… ;)

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