The Perfect MMORPG, (Pt 2)

Ok, I started this a long time ago and I got a lot of great commentary and feedback from everyone. I thought I would bring it up again, but with a little twist…what is the ONE thing you just HAVE to have in your Perfect MMORPG?

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~ Robert / Nicodemus

PS I decided about bringing this topic back up because of Zubon’s post about game features. Kill sheets are pretty cool by the way.

7 thoughts on “The Perfect MMORPG, (Pt 2)”

  1. My perfect MMORPG would have a transferrable character system that lets me import and export my characters from other MMORPGs (GURPS-style).

  2. Developers who do not think they can get by with one killer feature while letting the rest of the game go to pot

  3. Complex PvE interactive content, such that villains such as Mayong Mistmoore or Nefarian don’t just stand around waiting for heroes to come pwn them, but instead have actual plots and actual plans that need foiling, with consequences if they go unfoiled and rewards for the foilers.

    There are serious design issues that need to be resolved to make this work, of course. But that’s what I want.

    I want my dungeon and raid targets to be strikes at a threat, not farming actions directed as a renewable resource.

  4. My Perfect MMORPG world be a big colorful anime-based mmorpg
    With little chibi people that you customize for your character and everything is colorful and the chibis will be able to have giant swords bigger than them and theres a pay to play feature and a free to play feature the free to play feature will be big so you dont get left out from the people that pay to play, like runescape they barely let free people do anything

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