Okay, This is Getting a Bit Furry

Earth Eternal [Earth Eternal] Iron Realms has released the concept art for most of the races. I am at a loss for words beyond the title, but I think the drawings speak for themselves. Something about… the torsos… I feel kind of dirty. Like, if it had actually been furry porn, that would be one thing, but… I think it’s the body proportions, which make them look like furry midgets.

: Zubon

11 thoughts on “Okay, This is Getting a Bit Furry”

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  2. The bodily proportion issues with the concept art are what Zubon was talking about, not the furriness of them. I haven’t seen anybody here say a word against furries, but it’s not necessary to have a problem with furries to have a problem with that concept art.

  3. The actual models look better in-game (there are screenshots floating around). I suspect the concept art looks kind of odd too because they don’t have any armor or weapons on them. If the concept art for WoW had demoed Taurens sans the armor, you’d probably be similarly disturbed.

    When wearing chain mail and decked out in 5-6 weapons (as the guys making it claim you’ll be able to do– screenshots in the forums of that look awesome) , the PC models look no more furry than any other fantasy game where they stick an animal head on a human body.

  4. Yeah, that’s pretty furry. Worse, not particularly [i]good[/i] furry artwork, particularly given how many good, [b]clean[/b] kemono artists there are out there.

    I don’t really mind a game with the option of playing a cat-headed character, and I don’t think most gamers would care either. It’s true there’s a lot of SAN damage possible from furries (just as most other sexual atypicality), but an active game master team should be able to at least keep the mental anguish consensual.

    On the other hand, the lacking graphics and potentially iffy gameplay will scare a lot of players away preemptively.

  5. Why did they feel we needed a second image of the male bunny, to show his butt? The female raccoon doesn’t need that.

    Bizarre. I feel somewhat creeped out now.

  6. And people wonder why furries cry about discrimination and so on…
    The whole concept of “furry” was to unite people with interest in anthropomorphism. People who create cartoons or write fantasy, the people who were here all along. Someone just came out with the initiative to group all these folks, who were born with a different vision of the world and child’s mind. And as soon, as the fandom hit the internet, the rule 34 has applied all of a sudden everyone starts associating the term with some kind of animal-fucking-fursuit-wearing fetish with a touch of child rape to it.

    The absurd of it all is that now people, like the ones above, are over-sensitive with anything anthropomorphic and covered only with fur, scales or feathers, claiming they feel uneasy with it. Right now I find myself waiting till this approach reaches its peak of stupidity and a bunch of people will group themselves making pickets against Warner Brothers and demanding to show the persons responsible for Bugs Bunny’s nudity. Let’s put BFG to the head of the “God damned furry”, who designed Porky Pig with only the shirt on.

    I don’t like the strongly increasing amount of yiff-art either, but if people screaming “yiff in hell” would have any brains, they wouldn’t go on posting links to that shit on public forums. It’s a minority, people. You get people – not being fursies – being obsessed with pr0n everywhere millions of them. It’s not as if furries invented the 34 rule.

    Tell you what… If you happen to be tired of seeing furries bitch about how they are rejected by the general public and thought of as perverts, then simply take to account that we aren’t. We’ve been living next to you people for centuries. Some of our ancestors worshipped Hern or tended to believe that Scallagrim and his offspring really did turn into a wolf at full moon. And now you’re all so very surprised and eerily disgusted with us, telling us to burn in hell or screw with each other and then wondering why we’re so unbelievably butt-hurt about all this? Seriously now, we don’t want anything from you, we don’t want any wrights or nothing, we don’t want to jump on your dog and rape him, we don’t want to shit on your lawn. We just want you to stop repetitively offending us by mistaking our fandom with something we’re not.

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