No time for WoW, must Puzzle Quest!

Upon a mention from the always opinionated Tobold, I picked up a copy of Puzzle Quest for my DS. My DS was a purchase I made to avoid a boring wedding reception (really), but the lack of truly innovative or different games for it has been discouraging. I have the few ones that are out – Animal Crossing, Brain Age, Trauma Center, Partners in Time – but lately I’ve been playing the better GBA games instead. Golden Sun is fun and great graphics, but I was looking for something that actually used the DS’ power. This one delivers. It’s very fun, even in short play times, and is just different. Should you have a DS (or PSP, but I’m not sure if it’s as much fun without a stylus), I highly recommend snagging this one.

I expect I’ll be even more AFK on flight paths than normal now.

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15 thoughts on “No time for WoW, must Puzzle Quest!”

  1. Man, I really need a DS. There are so many things that I would love playing it. I keep saying I’m going to get one…maybe Puzzle Quest will seal the deal.

  2. The site has a downloadable demo which I HIGHLY recommend you try. One thing I’ve had an issue with on DS games is they don’t end up at resale places often, so you cannot try before you buy, and sometimes the two screen use is pretty bad. Or the game itself is. Take Sword of Mana…I bought this day of release, and sold it back to the store 3 days later. It was nothing like its review. Come to think of it, Puzzle Quest is a lot like Sword of Mana, except the hub idea is handled much much better.

    One thing to mention/warn about the DS is it is likely a “dead” platform. The next handheld from Nintendo has been aluded to not be DS-game compatible, but will continue to play GB/GBC/GBA games, which is a huge reason why the DS is so good. I am happy with my choice of DS over PSP, although the sports games on my nephew’s PSP look really nice.

  3. My only problem with the demo is that the graphics spoil you : )

    I find it interesting how a game that didn’t have any advertising (as far as I know) seems to have spread through the game bloggers like wildfire…I have to wonder how well they are selling.

  4. Was out of stock everywhere except my local Gamestop. Even several online avenues were listing it as out of stock. There’s a fairly annoying bug in the PSP version, which may make people want to wait a smidge before buying.

    Word of mouth is powerful. Remember Katamari Damacy?

  5. DS is a dead platform?!? Not for another few years friend, currently the DS is more than 50% of the game console market, that’s including non-handheld systems. Nintendo is no fool either, I’d wager my left nut the next handheld they do will have DS play capability.

  6. We have 3 DS’s in the house (2 of them Lites) and I plan to buy another one just for myself someday.

  7. They’d be silly not to make it backwards capable. Hopefully it’l lbe a few years before the next one, and they’ll have a space for my cartidges and game cards =)

    BTW, the game gets much better as you level up! Strategy FTW!

  8. Am I supposed to take “opinionated” as a compliment? :)

    Apparently there will be a PC version of Puzzle Quest out later this year, but the devs can’t talk about it for contractual reasons. You don’t program a PC demo for a game that will never run on a PC.

    The DS and PSP versions have some small differences. The PSP obviously has the shinier graphics, but the DS has the better controls with the stylus. And the PSP version has a bug that makes your companions not give you their bonuses, which is annoying.

  9. I hate you all.

    Lost at least five hours to that infernal demo last night. It’s almost enough to make me want to buy a PSP, although I’d be much happier just buying a full PC version of it.

  10. It’s definately not for everyone, as we all have different tastes. I actually can’t stand bejeweled, but I love this game. I think it’s the challenge of the AI.

    PSP? Pfft, DS all the way! Plus the PSP version has a bug where you don’t get credit for your companions. Nintendo powa! =p

  11. Thanks you buggers, I scoured the globe (by this I mean Medina, my town) looking for a copy, finally found one by chance at my local Target sitting on a shelf freely.

    It all started Thursday night when I downloaded the PC demo and lost track of time, and found myself linking skulls in the dark.

    This is proof to me that a 3rd party actually can have success on the Nintendo systems, contrary to popular opinion. All it takes is a good idea, talent, and attention to the design. I’m hoping someone like these guys do something on the Wii sooner or later.

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