And Then This Went Wrong

[Eternal Lands] One interesting thing I found when messing about with Eternal Lands is this series of articles from one of the developers. He discusses various problems that came up, largely falling into two categories: technical issues and players. I have yet to do more than skim the blog that gives continuing thoughts from the presumably now ex-ex-developer. Re-developer? Look, he wrote about why he quit a few years ago, but he is writing about changes he is making to the game, so I presume he is back at it.

The blog does include a link to what seems to be Eternal Land’s greatest epic fight on YouTube.

: Zubon

One thought on “And Then This Went Wrong”

  1. Most of those issues could be summed up by “failing to pay attention to any other previous MMORPG”. If only he’d read about Habitat.

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