7 thoughts on “My Wife Wins”

  1. Grats to your wife!

    My wife also wins. I finally hit 40 in WoW and my wife is about to reach 50. I can’t keep up with her.

  2. Awesome man! My wife hit 34 in EQ2 tonight, she has reached max level in other games but she really wants 70 before Ruins of Kunark in November.

    I started Eve Online tonight and I have no idea if there are even levels in that game!

  3. No levels in EVE online – that’s one of the good things about it :) You have skills, which train in elapsed real time and move slowly towards diminishing returns rather than a total cap.

    Milestones in eve online are things like “first (pvp) kill”, “first solo kill”, “first level 4 mission”, “going to 0.0”, and number of digits in your wallet.

  4. Grats to your wife! I usually beat my husband to the level caps just because I work from home while he has a long commute, thus giving me more time to play. =}

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