Nicodemus interviewed at Warcry for Immortal Destiny

Yep, part one of the interview is live.

Reading over my own comments, I realize I should have edited them a bit more than I initially did. Silly me. Still though, take a look to see what I think about some stuff and my own real world MMORPG adventure with Neogence Studios and Immortal Destiny.

Robert / Nicodemus

7 thoughts on “Nicodemus interviewed at Warcry for Immortal Destiny”

  1. :( I’d go read it, but when I went to warcry my security software told me never to go back—apparently they use ad servers known to host spyware.

  2. Hrm. Don’t click on the ads?

    I know the guys over at warcry, and they would not knowingly do anything like that. Id suggest updating your security software.

    PS, I’m a regular reader at the warcry site and I’ve never had any problems catching anything there.

  3. Are you sure you just don’t have an adblock service turned on? Usually they will tell you every ad has the devil himself tied into it.

    Nic, I don’t really think you gave very good answers in the second part. For every situation you gave, the solutions to handle it in a full PvP environment, would be tools that would be used against you first. If someone wanted to pick on your pixelated girlfriend, they would probably just tier her up and drag her away to some god forsaken corner.

    Griefers are notorious for using and abusing mechanics meant to be used against them. I am curious as to how you will build these mechanics so the griefers can’t use them to equal pain and pleasure.

  4. And I forgot to add. If you went to save your girlfriend, the griefer would simply hit “Log Out” and go upon their merry way two hours later. You place a bounty on their head, they place a bounty on your head. And chances are the Griefer in question has friends that can make your life miserable. Before you know it, you and girlfriend are YouTube stars of the moment.

  5. Heh, if a guy did that to my wife she’d beat the crap out of him herself.

    Like the old adage goes, “Defend your wife once and you become a gentleman. Teach her how to defend yourself and you’ll have lots of free time to do… other… things, yeah.”

    I think it went like that.

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