Real Life Invaded Again

I paused reading Harry Potter about 5% of the way through. Noting that, my brain instantly translated it to “half a bub.” Dammit.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Real Life Invaded Again”

  1. Oy, not more Harry Potter! *covers his ears and runs away to the hills* More importantly, Harry Potter prevented us from getting our Saturday Karazhan run going. There weren’t enough people to fill out the group since they were all off reading.

  2. I power leveled it in one day. Second half is definitely better than the first half.

  3. I also blame Harry Potter for the greatly lowered population of City of Heroes. When people from my guild reappear, I will see how many were off reading.

    And yeah, the second half comes together much better. You are really suffering along with Harry in his wandering with no direction for a really long time. The reader definitely gets a feel for that.

  4. Haha! Don’t suppose you’ve looked at Chore Wars yet, eh? Great way to get the kids to do their chores—experience points and levels through chore completion. ;)

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