Real Life Invaded Again

I paused reading Harry Potter about 5% of the way through. Noting that, my brain instantly translated it to “half a bub.” Dammit.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Real Life Invaded Again”

  1. Oy, not more Harry Potter! *covers his ears and runs away to the hills* More importantly, Harry Potter prevented us from getting our Saturday Karazhan run going. There weren’t enough people to fill out the group since they were all off reading.

  2. I power leveled it in one day. Second half is definitely better than the first half.

  3. I also blame Harry Potter for the greatly lowered population of City of Heroes. When people from my guild reappear, I will see how many were off reading.

    And yeah, the second half comes together much better. You are really suffering along with Harry in his wandering with no direction for a really long time. The reader definitely gets a feel for that.

  4. My wife got teased about something or other at our recent cookout. My response? “Ha! You got pwnd.”

  5. Haha! Don’t suppose you’ve looked at Chore Wars yet, eh? Great way to get the kids to do their chores—experience points and levels through chore completion. ;)

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