Nicodemus interviewed over at RevolutionG

Hey folks…the awesome team over at RevolutionG has just posted Podcast #9 featuring yours truly (Yeah, my real name is Robert Rice).

Go check it out.

PS I may have been a little long-winded and ranty about a few things, but overall it was a pretty good interview. Enjoy.

Robert “Nicodemus” Rice

6 thoughts on “Nicodemus interviewed over at RevolutionG”

  1. Would I be known as the resident luddite if I asked if there’s a transcript available?

  2. Great interview. Everything’s dead on the target, and I’ll certainly be in the front of the line to get any MMO that actually tries.

    It does seem pretty clear that the next step is player-generated content, whether tangible or intangible, and it’s also pretty clear that Second Life failed at this.

    So long as you don’t make me kill ten rats, I’m in.

  3. You can give them “attacks” that actually run bad code snippets causing technical issues and memory leaks (or just launching Vanguard, that’d do it), and if someone actually manages to kill one, I can think of two items they’d drop. A nerf-bat – every swing debuffs both you and your opponent – and a quest starter to kill ten rats.

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