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I saw the site for Aion today. Guys, no offense, do that one over.

Presenting a major part of your game as “PvPvE” comes across as meaningless crap. It’s not just PvP or PvE — it’s PvPvE! And I saw a video, they can say that with a straight face. The intent is to have a three faction system, which is of course a huge innovation, but one of them is NPC-controlled. Mmhmm. Having the NPCs pick on the winning team is an interesting idea; calling it revolutionary PvPvE means we must discount anything else you say.

If you check that page linked above, you may see my immediate worry in the first sentence. You are leading with “most visually stunning”? You really want the #1 thing people say about your game to be, “It looks pretty”? There are five sections: an overview that says how pretty it is, three tabs of graphics, and “specs: TBD”; you might say something about the game. I suppose we can really test the theory that graphics sell games, but we already have several MMOs with system-cracking graphics. I am also excited about this “true fantasy world,” as I have been playing in fake fantasy worlds this whole time.

You still have time before release. Throw the whole page away and start over, remembering that only gamers are going to bother to visit the site. Or maybe it is targeted to a gaming press that will run with pretty pictures and unsubstantiated claims of revolutionary play… I’m sorry, a massive wave of cynicism has caught me, and I cannot finish.

: Zubon

I do like the idea of focusing on flight to make it real 3-D combat.

4 thoughts on “Rewrite Your PR”

  1. You can expect poor and misleading PR from NCSoft. They also did it with Tabula Rasa. Half the things they claimed that game would have aren’t even in the present build. They’ve called it “revolutionary,” which ended up sparking about 50 debate threads on their beta forums.

  2. Always expect PR to overblow the game, that’s kind of what PR does. ;)

    So thinking about PvPvE got me thinking, would it be kind of like an old style battle, where each side has a ton of AI mobs and the players would be like the commanders and such. So not only would you have to worry about PCs but the NPCs on the battleground.

  3. Isn’t PvPvE when you are trying to do PvE and I stealth up and jab some “PvP” into your backside? Stabitty, stabitty, stab… PvE is now PvPvE… right?

    Or is when I fear you into a pack of hostile mobs and you have to PvE while I PvP you from a distance?

    Or, when I PvE to gather up like 20 mobs and run to you and feign death, so now you have to PvE them while I PvP you?

    All of those sound like fun to me!

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