11 Written Backwards

As a hero, you will change the world. Unfortunately, the world has been changed on you.

Welcome to a City of Heroes where no hero or villain has ever beaten the tutorial, where the villains never seized power, and where the 5th Column need not return because it never left.

Welcome to Issue 11. Coming sometime in a few months, to a server near you.

: Zubon

Update: there is an ouroboros wallpaper for it. Not terribly exciting, perhaps.

5 thoughts on “11 Written Backwards”

  1. As an ex-CoX player who retains a fair bit of fondness for the game(s)… WTF? I think I may be missing something.

  2. There haven’t been enough crazy alternate timelines.

    Issue 11 is going to rectify this oversight.

    No word on whether Statesbaby punched the universe.

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