Phat Lewt in the Costume Creator

City of Heroes Issue 11 brings weapon customization. Open that link in a new window and look through it. That’s hot. I know that we are used to getting all kinds of pretty swords and guns in other games, but this is something new for City of Heroes.

Note a feature that Chronicles of Spellborn intends to use: appearance is independent of function. These weapon options are available in the costume creator. Apart from a few unlockable pieces in each set, these are all available from level one, and you can switch between them when you change costumes. You get your pretties immediately, and the developers only need to balance one set of numbers per power.

Unfortunately, applying this to all powers will be far more difficult. The developers have pled that no one realized how popular this (customization, the famed costume creator) would be during the original development. You have a long time to wait before you can start using green fire and black ice, if that gets added at all. Given how often costume options are obscured, this seems more important to me than the costume customization.

And yes, there is a shovel available for axe and mace users. Rejoice, The Shoveler cometh.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Phat Lewt in the Costume Creator”

  1. The shovel alone is very nearly making me run out and finally get this game.. I’ve been borderline for a long time because of my dislike for “buy the box and pay a monthly fee” MMOs (I stick to download the client for free and pay to play, or buy the client and play for free for the most part)
    But being the Shoveler? Oh, that’s just too cool.

  2. You can probably find the box out there for the same price as a month of subscription. Since the key comes with a month of server access, you can probably think of it as a just paying for the first month.

    The new stuff looks pretty impressive. I don’t actually have anyone that can use it, but maybe it’ll be a reason to try out a tanker when I finish with Tabula Rasa.

  3. One of the things i love about this game and always keeps me coming back is the amount of things like this they keep adding even though the game is getting older. Being an alt-alholic who loves creating new characters and rarely if ever sees end game in any game, i appreciate that they spend time creating things i can actually use.

    Also, a shovel! How cool is that?!

  4. I’m a Ninja Mastermind. Do you know how often I waste my minions by letting them sit at bow range? They really should have given us katana instead.

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