City of Heroes Issue 11 Goes Live Today

The, ah, the title pretty much says it all. Weapon customization, two new powersets, flashback system, new and rare IOs are the main highlights.

5 thoughts on “City of Heroes Issue 11 Goes Live Today”

  1. I had completely forgotten that was today. I’ve only been playing for 8 or so days and the game is fun. Now I just have to use my Jedi mind powers to get all my friends to head over. Course, even if I don’t there a lots of friendly people playing that want to team up.

  2. WOOOOOO! Now to complete the 2nd patron arc so i have accesss to the Ouroboros system. :D

  3. I’m diging the shovel even if I’m not really terribly fond of the tanker playstyle. (I really didn’t see that pun until I was proofreading x.x)
    The dual blades powerset is a lot of fun too, and it seems quite popular for the “oh, let’s all try this out” of the day.
    Also, much thanks go out to Zubon for hooking me up with a trial key, I’m hooked on the game now and i’ll be wandering out to pick up a box sometime next week.

  4. You don’t need a box. Just give them their money and you’re good to go. You already have the game downloaded.

    I think the first thing I did under the new patch was bugged. I did the new big endgame task force, but the final enemy has a damage aura with >300 psychic damage, extending further than my Blaster shoots (and works while held?). Someone in our server global channel suggested, “It was bugged on test. Good luck with her.” So that is either a nasty bug or a fairly poor design decision, a literal “you must have these classes or lose.”

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