WoW Combat Tactics Saves Real Lives

Via Wonderland:

“…a young boy and his sister were attacked by a moose, and the boy reportedly “taunted” the moose away from his sister, and then feigned death, causing the moose to lose aggro and leave.

“Just like you learn in level 30 in World of Warcraft,” the boy is reportedly quoted as saying.”

Truly Epic.


8 thoughts on “WoW Combat Tactics Saves Real Lives”

  1. Lucky he didn’t play a rogue, or the story might have had a much different ending.

    “Well I stunned it with cheap shot, but my poison didn’t take so I tried to run and vanish. Vanish bugged again and the moose pasted me!”

  2. I actually wonder if this is fake or if it really happened, as in a kid really faced down a moose and then feigned death and then said that about World of Warcraft giving him the idea.

  3. Coherent: From the Wonderland link:
    Warning: Ability to read Norweigan required.

    Poorly translated version follows.

    Nettavisen: Were you not afraid?
    Hans Jørgen Olsen: I don’t know. I screamed to scare the moose, but I quickly realized it wasn’t about to stop. I turned and ran away until I couldn’t run anymore.

    (The moose hit him in the back and he fell to the ground. As he rolled back over, the moose was standing over him.)

    HJO: We held eye contact for a while, and then suddenly it ran away.

    (He got the idea of playing dead from then online roleplaying game World of Warcraft)

    HJO: When you reach level 30, you learn a trick called “fake death”. That’s what I did – I pretended I was dead, and then the moose lost interest.

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