Rounders and Accumulators

This is one of my favorite insights.

ROUNDERS: This group rounds things off. A problem that’s a two on a scale of one to ten gets rounded to zero. If a rounder has five problems that are all about a two on a scale of one to ten, he’ll tell you he has no problems.

ACCUMULATORS: Accumulators add up all the little problems until they equal one big problem. If an accumulator has five problems that are each a two on a scale of one to ten, that feels like having one problem that’s a ten.

Rounders are generally happy, because they perceive their lives to be mostly problem-free. Accumulators are often miserable because “nothing is going right.”

If you are a rounder, a game can have a thousand bugs without there being any real problem, because no single one is large enough to be a deal-breaker. On the other hand, six rounds up to a ten, so any fairly big thing could end it all.

If you are an accumulator, the problems keep stacking up. A typo here, a pathing error there, and eventually a 3% too long load time is the final straw. You quit with a forum post listing a dozen broken things, and you get really angry when the rounders dismiss them one at a time instead of seeing the big picture.

So are you the idiot who puts up with anything until one slightly more buggy than usual patch crosses your threshold into the apocalypse? Or are you the idiot who cannot work around minor bugs while the game finds its legs? And don’t you hate that other kind idiot who just cannot see what is wrong here?

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Rounders and Accumulators”

  1. There are Round-Downers and Round-Uppers. Round-Downers are the positive ones who will ignore problems. Round-Uppers will always talk about how they have problems.

  2. I think my LoTR goodbye post points out that I am a rounder, and after years of living on EQ’s Test server, a round-downer if you want to break it up. I had no problems, until I had too many.

  3. LOL – I’m a rounder who holds a grudge. Pretty much I’ll tell you I have no problems until one day something snaps and the day of the apocolypse has arrived – usually ‘cuz some ass-hat just stole my kill or something :P LOL. Then I’m the idiot that’ll spout off every little thing that ever annoyed me about the game. -.O

  4. Oz, you’re not a rounder, then. You’re a passive-aggressive accumulator. =P

    I am the idiot who speculates, and accumulates problems he hasn’t even had yet. This leads to a lot of subscription-hopping.

  5. Very interesting topic. I think I’m a rounder. I recognize problems but try to work past them as I despise confrontation. That is, until I hate that final straw then I’m DONE and there is no point of rectifying or correcting. That thing…that person is dead to me. :-)

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