Double XP Catass

  • Sonic Resonance/Sonic Attacks Defender: 24 to 41
  • Storm Summoning/Energy Blast Defender: 2 to 7
  • Mercenaries/Poison Mastermind: 29 to 33
  • Gravity Control/Psionic Assault Dominator: 9 to 15
  • Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper: 1 to 6
  • No divorce.

The lower-level characters were to reserve the name “Zubon,” so I cannot lose it if I unsubscribe for more than 90 days. I have that set on almost every server.

: Zubon

One thought on “Double XP Catass”

  1. I wasn’t nearly as productive as you. Mainly because recently my gf and I have gotten some friends into the game, and so there were lowbies to play with. So my main sits unplayed for now, but I got several other chars to around 14. That’s good cause it’s travel powers and DO’s, so it’ll be less painful to play them solo now.

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