A Reminder About Requests

[tell] cn i jon ur team 42 def

If you cannot be bothered to type a complete request, you must not care that much about the team. Really, if you are going to ask anyone for anything, at least go through the motions of using real words. Also, I am not trusting that guy to heal me.

Sadly, some of the best players I know type this way, so it does not work as a heuristic, but at least I don’t have to try to read that for an hour with no guarantee that this is not another idiot.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “A Reminder About Requests”

  1. The people I worry about are the ones who speak in few words, all spaced far apart, as though they copied and pasted from an autotranslator.

  2. Call me an elitist (English major, can’t help it) but I agree whole-heartedly with Zubon and I behave the same way. If you cannot be bothered to communicate with actual words then I cannot be bothered to invite you. If you cannot be bothered to pay attention and actually read which quest or dungeon the group is LFM, in turn I cannot be bothered to trust that you will pay attention and heal the group.

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