Clear Communication via Panic

We have not had a dating article in a while, but Ctrl+Alt+Del demonstrates some great advice in a single comic. Flip back another day if you need context.

Do you see what is happening there? They are dealing with an emotional reaction as a mature, reasonable couple. She understands that her initial presentation of the problem may not have been the best, and accepts his reaction. He does not hold it against her, instead pressing for clarity. She provides it. Now that he has a better grip on the situation, he prefaces his emotional response with the appropriate disclaimer, providing context. She understands and sympathizes with his reaction. They will be able to address the matter in more intellectual terms once they work through their initial emotional responses.

Full marks for both parties. This is a good sign for their relationship.

: Zubon

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  1. They handled the add well. An excellent example of the benefits of voice communications.

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