Exit Marvel, Enter Champions

This is actually sort of old news, but I wanted to wait until there was more useful information to post. Microsoft officially canceled the Marvel MMO that Cryptic had been developing for them. Cryptic has turned around and partnered with Hero Games, creators of the Champions tabletop RPG and retooled what was going to be the Marvel game to be a Champions Universe game. There’s now a website for the game, and it looks pretty spiffy. Their feature list and dev blogs read like the Requested Features section of the CoH forums, with things like power customization, AT-separate power picks (but not an entire lack of ATs, which is odd), loot (which apparently doesn’t obscure your costume), more action-based gameplay, etc. Amusingly, the game won’t be based directly off of the tabletop system, but after the MMO is released, there’s a plan to release either a conversion kit or something similar to port characters from the MMO back to the tabletop RPG.  It’ll be interesting to see what they actually manage to pull off and what’s pie-in-the-sky.  Regardless, good luck to them.

5 thoughts on “Exit Marvel, Enter Champions”

  1. Thief! I wanted to post it! ;)

    When I heard about City of Heroes, I wanted it to be the Champions blue book online. The closer this is to that, the more likely I am to play.

  2. It’s due around Spring of 2009… and I’m betting they actually come close to hitting that.

    Game Informer seemed really impressed with what they played, and Cryptic told them what was left was adding content and finalizing classes and all that… that the base of the game was built.

    How much of this is true, and how much is just hype who knows… but I hope it’s got early ’09 all over it.

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