A Model Husband

One of the huge, huge advantages of being married to a gamer grrl is, when Valentine’s comes around, the ability to skip the flowers, the chocolate, the Hallmark moment and all those other embarassing, passé 20th century moments and get her something she would really love. If said girlgrrl… also happens to have her birthday within a month of that auspicious pagan celebration, well, you can really go for the big guns.

I wall-hacked her heart and captured the flag of her love by getting her one of these. It looks really good compared to the old Cantankerous Radiation Tube, it has tons more screen real space on the sides (which is nice, because she can finally tell when she’s being flanked and killed, something that happens an average of ~7 times a day) and it looks really neat on her desk, which I’m told is very important.

Guild Wars looks really nice in it, which is quite fortunate because that’s basically all we’ve been playing since around last July. It would have been heartbreaking had it looked bad. Like giving her a card that says “Happy Valentine’s Anastasia” when her name is really Denise, Beatrice or Her Unholy Grace Xinissa, Reaper of Agony (yes, she roleplays too). Would have been an awkward moment.

And yes I got one of them for me too, put it on the same card, and had them delivered at the exact same time, but dagnabbit that is not the point here. The point is that gamer grrls deserve only the best. She’s happy because she has a great new toy. I’m happy because she’s distracted and I can keep courting all those other tons of women I have. Well, I don’t really have, it’s more of a thing in progress. I mean, I was thinking about it. In a dream I had. Only once, yeah.

P.S.: Newegg, you rock, but tell the UPS guys to take it easy with the LCD panels, hmm? Mine arrived with a nice bump and crack on the plastic side, and if you tilt it you can hear something small and loose on the inside. It still works by the grace of Cthulhu.

9 thoughts on “A Model Husband”

  1. Hehe…
    Well, I am gald to see this is not a one time phenomenon…
    I also have a gamer wife who is an avid book reader (Laurell K Hamilton, Nina Bangs…etc…)
    Anyways…the wonderful email with an Amazon $50 card was just what the doctor ordered…(and she knows this is all she will get if she still wants that brand new fridge for her birthday…only worth 1k)
    Anyways, she shopped for an hour Valentines Day, then we played EQ2 the rest of the night..
    Love is grand!

  2. Currently have a girlfriend who is as geeky as I am (haven’t got to the wife stage yet but that may just be a matter of time…) so for valentines day I got her a Master Replicas Force FX Yoda lightsaber courtesy of Play.com (and the fact that I got myself both the Luke and Vader ones is a whole different story).

    All three are well worth the money :)

  3. My wife thinks ‘gamer’ is someone that smells funny. And if I could get a sweet monitor like that for a valentines present… hell, I might just put on a dress for you.

  4. newegg (well, FexEx actually) delivered my GF’s new monitor to a house down the street. Wrong number, wrong name. hmmmm.

  5. Well we have a 5-year old and a 2-year old. It was either accept a damaged monitor now, or accept a damaged monitor later.

    I opted for laziness on this one.

  6. Fuck, I had to make dinner for my wife. Err wait… I cook all the time and love to cook. Oh well, after flowers, dinner, and chocolate truffles imported from Germany, I had one happy wife. Funny thing is, I never really get my wife flowers or “nice” stuff. I usually get some lame geeky present that ends up on a pile-o-technical crap in our house somewhere.

    On a side note, she got me nothing, but did allow me to purchase new computer parts, which promptly had to be returned due to being absolute garbage.

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