Gender Balance

~80% of library workers are female. The convention center made the wise decision to switch a few signs and create more women’s restrooms. This led to the fun of watching women enter the bathroom, see urinals, and come back out looking confused and worried as they check the sign.

I expect the online game development conference to have a different gender ratio.

: Zubon

One thought on “Gender Balance”

  1. At the Moscone Center where GDC was held a couple months ago, convention staff actually made the (frankly stupid) decision to use room dividers to limit the number of stalls available in the womens restrooms, leading to lines and long waits for the female attendees, which otherwise may not have happened for us if they’d allowed all available stalls to be used. Their rationale? “There aren’t as many women attending GDC” so naturally inconveniencing those that did attend was the most obvious course of action.

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