Breathtaking Dogfights

I saw this at Ole Bald Angus the Monk’s site and had to share it. It is fantastic.

– Ethic

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16 thoughts on “Breathtaking Dogfights”

  1. I must be an idiot….I don’t get it. Was this video to “hype” Eve?

    I sat there, and went…
    Breathtaking? Sorry…forgot to breathe, or was I snoring? I have sleep apnea…usually brought on by paint drying…

    Mining? uh…wowsers?

    And yes…it looks gorgeous…but, so does LOTRO (snooze) and Vanguard (snooze) /// See a pattern there?

    Well…the video helped me..

    Money saved! Gimme my elves back now!

  2. Honestly, they went out of their way to make it look boring. It wasn’t even a dogfight, it was a ship shooting a stationary object. It is just a funny film, filled with irony. Combat can be way more exciting than shown of course but mining, well sometimes it can be exciting if someone attacks you while you are mining. I used to read books while mining.

  3. I feel cheated..

    If anyone wants to see some good EVE action, visit and watch the videos from their PvP tournament. :)

    Although, I really am just a simple miner…

  4. @Adam
    Good…then I am not an idiot, and knew it was a joke…

    But, notice all the “inside” innuendo on that site also?

    If someone was to “stumble” on that video, thinking this is the game….
    Well…they will scream for their elves too
    (The sexy ones mind you…hehe)

    (PS: Adam….uh…nice link to your website also…boss walked by as I hit that page with the “enhancements”…guess it was time to look for a new job anyways…)

  5. That really is awesome.

    I haven’t ended up logging back into Eve since I tried it a couple weeks ago. The lack of excitement is part of it.

    And I know there’s soooooo much more depth and excitement to be had than what I experienced… I guess it just feels daunting. I’d have to join a corporation, I’d have to deal with that horribly small chat window, I’d have to stumble through the UI, it just feels a bit painful.

    I hope to find the time/motivation to play more one of these days and experience some of the depth that I know is there. But this is one thing that Blizzard did really well…

  6. Part of the problem with EVE is the investment needed to get to the exciting bits. If one really wants to get anywhere they’re best off buying/borrowing some isk, buying the learning skills (including advanced), and letting their account stew until all those are done. There’s really only so much one can do without the skills to do anything interesting.

  7. EVE’s UI has a built in calculator, for which I an infinitely grateful for. Too bad I can’t port that feature to other MMOs. I miss having my graphing calculator next to my computer. Where is that old thing anyways?

  8. This video is a pretty accurate representation of the first 4-6 months playing EVE, though. Of course, you’re not usually in 0.0 space at that time, but… how are you supposed to be able to tell 0.0 space from any other chunk of space? By the color of the trees?

    So, pretty much.

    Which is why I don’t play EVE.

  9. (PS: Adam….uh…nice link to your website also…boss walked by as I hit that page with the “enhancements”…guess it was time to look for a new job anyways…)

    April Fools!

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