Red-Shirt Data Analysis

While the game itself seems to be wearing a red shirt, the makers of Star Trek Online (in whatever final form it may appear) may want to read this presentation on the deaths of Star Trek red-shirts. The canny player might be tempted never to put his crew in red outfits, but that is obvious cheating that is just asking for karmic revenge; you want the enemy to focus fire there, rather than hitting valuable bridge crew members. Instead, note the bit showing that Captain Kirk’s sex life is a primary determinant of whether crew members live or die. Now I’m not saying that there is any cause-and-effect, since Kirk was not one to seduce fanged tentacle fiends, but a noble PC captain must be willing to take one for the team. Age of Conan is trailbreaking this gameplay, so be sure to earn your crew buff on each new planet.

: Zubon

H/T: Mark Krikorian

2 thoughts on “Red-Shirt Data Analysis”

  1. so.. the Red Shirt is the tank of Star Trek? He gets shot at so the others can get away or do their own dps. Except in ST the tank is meant to die, apparently since hypos just don’t have the heal-per-second throughput needed.

    Looks like yellow shirts pull aggro a little more than the others. That tells me they are dps, but the other shirts are all hybrids doing almost just as much.

  2. The data set is incomplete, and as such does not address the presumption. Since we do not know the yellowshirt:blueshirt:redshirt:engineersmock ratio, we can’t say that the number of red-shirt deaths is disproportionate. To do otherwise could be comparable to saying that the number of minions deaths is surprising in a party that turns out to include a brute, a corruptor, a stalker, and five masterminds.

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