The Shire juts into the next zone. Oatbarton is on the Evendim map but counts as The Shire, a little agricultural village on the edge of danger. It explains so much. Back south, there is a deed with the Crop Saviour title for killing oversized flies. I see why that could be an issue for a farming community. Then you cross the zone border and see a farm swarming with level 28 locusts. “Kill them while they’re young” may not have been fully effective.

The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ has no loading screens between zones. You just walk from The Shire into Evendim. This means that you are running past level 10 bears and goblins, which were formidable at the time, and then into a field with stealthed level 28 wolves. Ouch. (The Bree/Lone Lands border has a similar effect, where the level 10 goblins mix with the level 20s.) There is also a herd of elk around town, using the same model as the level 1 deer. They are herd animals, so aggroing one can lead to a very messy incident with a lot of very angry elk. This is not a threat I expected amongst the minions of Mordor.

: Zubon

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  1. Boars, ‘Dire Boars’, ‘Elder Boars’…

    I despise the reuse of an identical model, even if it’s tinted blue or bigger or something. I have to say (especially for Blizzard) that it’s really not that much work to just design one more critter for every other zone where they reuse one.

    It’s not that bad, and it really sucks when you’re fighting the above versions of boars.

  2. This gets top billing on my theory of why many players get struck with the whole “this is a great game, why am I not enjoying it?” feeling.

    Every other MMO gives us the whole world (not talking zones/expansions) from the moment you login and create your first character. You get an immediate feel for what you will continue to do the rest of the game, and its factional conflicts such as Alliance vs. Horde, Freeport vs. Qeynos, Order vs. Destruction, etc.

    With LOTRO, Turbine is building the world following the Fellowship, and up to now the story has them coming up on Moria. During this time-frame, most of the free peoples in Eriador have absolutely no clue war is imminent and Sauron will be at their gates. Interesting design, but at the same time, we feel more like Pest Control than Adventurers. Luckily the bulk of Pest Control quests are kept in the solo quest category, and to me soloing is entertaining but not quite all the way up to “fun.” The truly fun stuff happens in the group content, and that’s true of every MMO.

    I’m going to be hugely disappointed if we make it up the the Black Gates of Mordor itself and are still being handed out Pest Control quests… We’re in the heart of evil then, we’d better be seeing the stops pulled out and action cranked to eleven!

  3. Quest intro for Talyn, Book 35, Chapter 10:
    “Strider, Gimli, and Legolas stand at the gates of Mordor, attempting to draw the Eye away from Frodo. But the forces of evil are subtle, and they seek to distract Frodo in turn, by launching a raid against the nigh-defenseless Shire, seeking to destroy the supply lines that feed the troops on the front. [Go to the Shire] and fight back the tides.

    [Defeat 10 Dark Locust]
    [Defeat 10 Locust Swarmlings]

  4. rofl that would be very funny. I think you have a very good point about the borders being a bit ragged there for people who don’t watch their maps meticulously. Though I have found the goblin levels to not increase too deadly right away in the lone lands transition I have to agree with Oatbarton, which is a very interesting little town, as well as dwaling and the very difficult quest to kill Sharkey’s lieutenant.

  5. I did find it strange that you walk into the Evendim zone, get the “Now entering Evendim” announcement, yet the Oatbarton and Dwaling quests are listed under The Shire. But all said and done, I love the world design, “ragged borders” and all. I like the feeling of being able to simply enter new areas in multiple ways, not being funneled through a chokepoint or two like WoW did most of the time.

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