When using caffeine, your target dose is 100mg. This may vary based on body size and tolerance, but 100mg is an average effective dose. You get this from one cup of coffee (mug-sized), one espresso, three cans of cola, two cans of Mountain Dew, or ten candy bars. It should take effect in about 15 minutes and ward off sleepiness for about 4 hours.

If you can, save caffeine use for when you need it. Complete tolerance develops somewhere in the neighborhood of 1g per day. At that point, you need the caffeine to function properly, and you will go into withdrawal without it. Mild overdose begins around 300mg (remember that it wears off and no longer “counts” after four hours), and 10g is the average amount to kill a human. That is about five liters of espresso, so you are unlikely to reach 10g without pills.

If you are staying up late playing, make sure that you are not too drowsy to tank. Caffeine does not counteract the effects of alcohol. An awake drunk is still drunk, and if you are too drunk to drive, you are too drunk to heal me.

: Zubon

Information taken from Alertness Solutions, Wikipedia, and reading the sides of cans.

7 thoughts on “C8H10N4O2”

  1. How about I just stay drunk?

    That way I’m not fooling you or myself into thinking that I can tank/heal and still be happy. :)

  2. I do my best tanking drunk, in fact its such a thankless task I HAVE to be drunk

    Also, just mix vodka and Monster energy drink, you can get crunked and still do the job PLUS keep awake. It works!

  3. Clearly, we need a simple test by which to test potential PUG members for drunkenness. “Walk in a straight line” doesn’t work in MMOGs (holding down the W key is rather trivial) and neither does “Dance a little jig” (/dance).

  4. An espresso has about half as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.


    “Despite some confusion, on a per-volume basis, espresso contains approximately three times the caffeine content of regular brewed coffee (1.700 g/l (50 mg per fluid ounce) of espresso versus 0.50-0.75 g/l (14-22 mg per ounce) for brewed coffee). Compared on the basis of usual serving sizes, a 30 ml (1 fluid ounce) shot of espresso has about half the caffeine of a standard 180 ml (6 fluid ounce) cup of American-style coffee, which varies from 80 to 130 mg.”

    Zubon: people drink 1 ounce of espresso at a time? Here, Wikipedia on caffeine. I’ll trust Wikipedia over Wikipedia any day.

  5. I remember grouping with someone drunk once…who blew their whole wad of mana in several shots…with still a ton of mobs to kill…talk about no foreplay…
    We died horribly!

    I agree…if your drunk or sleepy…hit the road!

  6. Guess what, 10 candy bars is a bit high. I won’t post any links, but Google for “Snickers Charged”, which contain 60mg of caffeine.


    Zubon: Guess what, if you intentionally buy high-caffeine products, they will have more caffeine. And how much in a regular Snickers bar? Mmhmm.

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