CoX Issue 12: live

Patch Notes

Highlights include villain epic archetypes, powerset proliferation, a new zone, and many quality of life improvements. They are also starting to sell extra character slots, and you get two free for “a while.” I had to re-subscribe for the anniversary badge, because I am weak.

The amount of new content is limited, but there are many ways to re-experience the old content. We were having fun tonight with a team of Fire Scrappers and Plant Controllers. If you want a free trial or welcome back code (15 free days with purchase of a month, must have been gone for 90), mention it in the comments and I will send it to the e-mail address you list.

: Zubon

Full disclosure: if I send you a code and you spend money, I get some free time. If you have a friend who plays, have him send you a code and he will get the free time.

2 thoughts on “CoX Issue 12: live”

  1. …maybe I should go back and play some COH.. been tossing around the idea for a while.. or maybe I should just wait for champions online to come out… hmmm..

  2. I’d normally be really into the code, but our mare just foaled and it’s the last few weeks of the school quarter and my SO just had surgery on her wrist that’s keeping her from doing a lot of her normal chores, so they’ve fallen onto me.


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