Open Mic Night

Can you please turn on “push to talk,” at least until you get over that cough? Or until you sell those cockatiels?

I confess: I discriminate against pre-pubescent males. Something about the voice of the twelve-year-old boy coming from the Orc Reaver grates. It is bad when they are whiny or needy, but perhaps worse when they are the group leaders who are trying to instruct incompetent adults. The modern age is full of examples of small children explaining technical matters to their elders, but I do not need it in my headset for an hour. I know he’s twelve, but just listen to him when he says that we are moving out.

Turn on your voice chat in PvP. Yes, I mean you. I don’t care if you don’t have a mic; listen. Stop blowing into the mic.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Open Mic Night”

  1. Turned off my voice chat awhile ago. Happier since.

    Maybe I’ll turn it back on at some point, but haven’t found the actual need to, despite the fans of ear-assault insisting that I do. These games are not actually as tactical as people wish they were.

  2. Also please don’t start swearing and yelling at your boyfriend who is in the room while in chat and while your mouth is full of whatever you’re snacking on. Please for the love of god.

  3. Listening to a fifth grader hold forth on Teamspeak is like being condemned to a special circle of hell where you never escaped geography and grammar classes, and your mother is just now calling you for dinner. Be right down mom.

    […I’m also with Zubon over at Kill Ten Rats…]

    We’re raw noobs over at OLMMOD; perhaps we’ve just left the training island. We love what you do here though. Where did you get that shiny armor? Can you help us do some quests?

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