6 thoughts on “WAR Comes Tomorrow!”

  1. Not entirely true… the Preview Weekend Plus starts today… but if you only have Open Beta access, you still have to wait til the 7th.

  2. By the way, for folks using a pre-order open beta code, is there anywhere to enter them? Maybe I must wait for Sunday. Every key or promotional code box I see returns this as an invalid code.

  3. Account Management-Activate a Key?

    That’s where I’m entering it. “Invalid code.” And the Support link goes to http://support.darkageofcamelot.com/, and maybe I could hope to get forwarded to the right person there within a week.

    Update that: I had never tried the second code on the back of the pre-order card. It never occurred to me to see if I had two different codes. That one seems to work. For the other, well, unless Open Beta is not actually open, I guess I can get by without it.

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