Ethic in WAR, Day One

The Warhammer Online Collector’s Edition head start began yesterday and since I still had a functioning CE head start code on my account (I had canceled the order) I was able to play. The following is a summary of my adventures on day one.

I had to work in the morning but I thought I’d try to reserve names before I had to leave. Found out the start was delayed for a few hours. Off to work. Spent all day at work reading about people having long queues and other issues. Finally, time to go home.

My Mom was over for a visit. Well, I decided to pretend I had some important work I needed to do for 5 minutes, so I ran downstairs to create some characters. I managed to save my desired character names. I made 4 Order characters on one server and 4 Destruction characters on another, to join up with my guild. I decided to try the login queue and it appeared to be 30 minutes.

Eventually my Mom went home so I went back downstairs to see if the queue was done. It was close so I waited the next 5 minutes or so. I logged in and grabbed a few quests. Suddenly, my computer shut off. Turns out when I added a second hard drive the day before, some wires had been blocking a fan and I had a thermal shut down. After resolving that, it was time to get back in the queue. I changed my mind and decided to try our Order server and got in right away. Hooked up with the guild and ran around a bit to make sure the thermal issue was fixed.

I was really happy to see the combat seemed to be quicker. They must have done something, because it all felt smoother and I liked it. Lag was non-existent for me. I knocked off a few quests and then logged out to wait for the evening where my wife would get her first chance to play. I wanted to see what character she would pick so I could choose something to match. We ended up with her playing a Shadow Warrior and me playing a Bright Wizard. The only thing better than one nuker is two nukers.

We were both tired, but played enough quests to get to level 4. Next time we will be heading into the RvR areas. I’m really anxious to see what she thinks about the PvP in this game compared to World of Warcraft.

– Ethic

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  1. Hope you have a good time in the game, I know I am so far with my level ~8 Chaos Chosen on Volkmar. The RVR has been good, lag hasn’t been too bad (especially with my rapidly aging 4 year old computer) and people have been good to play with.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and adventures in the game :)

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