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Seriously Casual addresses the problem. First, there is not enough PvE to go around starting in the 20-ish range. I am fighting +3s and +4s regularly. Guildmates speak of completing all the PvE in all three areas without out-leveling the tier. For me, this has been a limited problem since I like leveling via scenarios, but if you are in long Destruction queues or a low-population server that doesn’t work. Even now, I am looking at a lot of scenarios before I am past the bolster point of tier 3. I do not feel the need to reach level 40 quickly, but I do not want to spend my RvR time feeding points to higher-level opponents. When players receive condolences in guild chat for reaching a new tier, that is a bad thing.

There are lots of games offering slow PvE grinds. That is not why we signed up for Warhammer. My buddy Cameron had the goods earlier, but then the ladies tell me he has always had the goods.

: Zubon

This? Changes little unless the numbers on that are large. Really, I can repeat one quest two to four times? That makes it much less grindy! That’s unfair: maybe it will help tier 2, but then I hit the wall in tier 3. Maybe I was already eating the tier 3 content in tier 2, so I did not notice. Maybe the later phases of “experience enhancements” will add up to more. I would gladly accept a retroactive boost to those quest rewards, if that is part of the plan. (Turbine can do that, nudge nudge.)

Update: oops, that is CHAPTERS 10-22, not LEVELS. Okay, that could make more of a difference. Again depending on the numbers, and again I could use that retroactively because I already did a chunk of that.

Update 2: having logged in, I can’t tell if it was retroactive. I forget how full that bar was. I scheduled this post before the Herald update, and I’m not sure how much is still relevant. Read Cameron anyway. I’m locking this down. Credit to Mythic for reacting to things quickly.

Holy crap, that was a big number. >3000 for a scenario completion. I must poke around and see what’s about.

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  1. “We have revised the experience awarded for completing quests in chapters 10 through 22.” <– don’t forget this. This is what needed to happen, and while it remains to be seen how much of a boost this will be, it’s not just repeatable quests that’ll offer more XP — it’s all of the T3/T4 quests.

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