Recurring Apocalypse

The City of Heroes/Villains Halloween event is on. As usual, previous years’ content returns (with changes: go door-to-door rather than camping one, and Spirits are not spawning as often as intended — sorry badge hunters). This year’s new thing is the Zombie Apocalypse, patterned after the Rikti Invasion. Sadly, the two zone events cannot happen at once, even with the LGTF, but that would be awesome, especially if they fought each other.

After Halloween, zombies will return as an occasional event, again like the Rikti (although presumably with no non-event trigger like the LGTF, although again: awesome). This leads me to again wonder: why would you live in Paragon City? Even after you get used to walking past werewolves, rock monsters, and alien invaders on your way to the corner store, the apocalypse is a recurring event. Welcome to Sunnydale?

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Recurring Apocalypse”

  1. I logged in to CoV this past week (for the first time in over a month, as I’ve been playing WAR). I was really disappointed to find that the zombie attacks seemed so infrequent; when one was finally announced, I didn’t realize that it was taking place in “Grandville 2” instead of “Grandville.” My friend and I ran around Grandville before being told to go to the other zone. After getting there, we endured one frame per second lag- we got to the zombies just in time for the event to end.

    I’ve been a fan of CoX for a long time, but I’m sorry to say that it’s appeal is starting to wear a bit thin. A great game, for sure, but I think they’re going to have to do something pretty exciting very soon to keep people’s interest (mine included).

  2. That happened to me at the end of beta waaay back when the game launched. There were like 16 spawns of Atlas area and we missed the final inviasion because it was in something like Atlas 12 instance

  3. The only time I recall seeing more than one instance of a zone here on Euro side since I started playing (almost 2.5 years ago) was when the Rikti Invasion was introduced and we had a few instances of the RWZ.

    I’ve been into one zombie attack so far, took a while to find it but it was pretty fun and much in line with the Rikti invasions.

    Frequency seemed to be to be on par with the Rikti invasions, but slightly less apparent.

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