Legend of the Seeker

I don’t know how these things get by me. I am the target market after all.

Legend of the Seeker starts this weekend.

Thanks to Aenashi for dropping it on my head.

– Ethic

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17 thoughts on “Legend of the Seeker”

  1. My problem is that there are so many good gaming blogs these days that I just can’t keep up with all of them if I ever want any gaming time.

  2. @Werit: Yes it is, at least in my area. At the webpage I linked, in the upper right there is a spot for your zip code to find out where it is showing in your area.

  3. @Werit
    Actually it is syndicated.
    This is the first syndicated program since Xena ended in 2001…(which also has the pedigree of the same producers…)
    Channels can choose to pick it up. And based on the fact it is funded by outside sources, we do not have to worry about missing a whole season.
    All syndicated shows get a full 22+ episodes run…hooray.

    Sam Raimi at the reins, Lucy Lawless also has a hand in production, and pure Fantasy, which we have not seen in ages on TV.

    This will be so awesome.

    Everyone should support this program the best they can…Watch it, DVR it, tell your friends and family to watch.
    Support TV that does not follow the norms…

  4. After watching the first 10 minutes, I don’t think I will. It looks like it is targeting teenagers (also makes sense with the channel it is on). Enough slow motion and dramatic music?

    Are the books better?

  5. I just saw that as I went to his site. I had no clue about that show before. BC did a fine job in Hercules I thought :)

  6. I didn’t see anything in the 10 minute preview to chase me away. It looked rather generic so far and the acting isn’t top notch, but I’ll give it time to develop. Certainly better than a lot of shows on TV and there is not a lot of competition in this area. It looks good visually and they appear to have a decent budget so that bodes well.

  7. @Zubon. No! You have more writing to do, get cracking! This site doesn’t write itself you know.

    Nevermind, I just saw the queue. You are a machine.

  8. I’d watch this, but I was so burnt out after the 4th or 5th book of reading the exact same story each time that I couldn’t take it in electronic form.

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