Throwing things away unread is key to internet literacy.

To be able to focus on anything, you must immediately ignore 99+% of the content out there. If you are reading this, you are not currently reading about knitting, extreme kayaking, the history of Cambodia, upcoming metal shows in Berlin, the proper care of camels as pets, or homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck (actual Wikipedia topic). Once you narrow your interest to MMOs, you have dozens of games (in English), and once you have one game, there are still dozens of sites.

I cannot take it personally if you pass on Kill Ten Rats. There are literally millions of other blogs you do not read either.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Filtering”

  1. I don’t have any great thoughts on the subject other than, “yeah, seems right,” but I just can’t go on without congratulating you finding such an awesome link.

  2. Oddly enough, I use KTR to get my news (in a way) about what a number of MMO’s are doing, not just my particular poison. Ahh, the joy of the interwebs.

    And if there have been any particularly hilarious xkcd comics recently.

  3. Once again I don’t get it… why post this?

    (my current theory is just to include that link, and if so, awesome post, but something tells me I might have missed another point being made…)

  4. Some posts are not in reply to anything in particular. Some are just internet-related. This one struck me while shopping, as I passed by a dozen stores that were not places for me. Millions of options, and the first thing we do is throw almost all of them away. There is little else to be done.

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