Hating Some Random Idiot

I rarely see someone hit almost every single thing I hate about idiots on the internet, and yet here it is. The anonymous commenter consistently calling Tobold “tob” is a wonder.

First, the writing style indicates stupidity, a complete indifference to expressing himself coherently, or most likely both. The random capitalization and punctuation, and lack thereof, is especially effective. Sadly, I do not spot a “u,” or better yet: “ur.” Second, he willfully misinterprets the author and then condemns him for the made-up version. Third, bonus, he interprets his lack of reading comprehension as Tobold’s dishonesty. Fourth, “why can’t you just admit I’m right?” Fifth, “I’m not a fanboi, you’re a fanboi, and you’re a hateboi too!” Sixth, the scorn for the VNBoards community is really quite touching given the context. Seventh, the classic “longtime reader, and this is not what I expect from you.” Eighth, repeating the same thing across multiple comments. Ninth, replying to himself twice in a row. Tenth, representative statistics in support of your position are laughable and shameful! lol!

I should stop at a top ten, but his last comment (as I write this) has its beautiful self-defense. Those disagreeing are “tobold fanboi lol.” He objects to being called a troll, calls the other commenters communists and McCarthyites, and ends on some confused notion of democracy and why must all you intolerant communists insult people who disagree with you?

I very rarely need the mod button here, except for spam. I want to be able to ban people on others’ sites. And IRL.

: Zubon

14 thoughts on “Hating Some Random Idiot”

  1. @Solidstate: Can’t I do both?

    I think we all make mistakes from time to time, but that is whole lot to get into a single thread. Also, if he is going to write those long of posts, is ‘old’ really just too many extra characters?

  2. People shock me and crack me up on the Internet all at the same time. Running into idiots always makes me say, “See, this is why I…” LOL Oh noes, it’s almost Monday, where I have to go back to work and face idiots IRL. *cringe*

  3. oh gudness this is funny, why you want to ban someone from posting different opinion ? i thought you lived in democratic country lol..

    whatever , you just showed your level of tolerance here. Everyone else who dont like you = ban lol

  4. Great post Zubon, you made me laugh. I don’t know why folks take things so personal…it is not like he made the game. Heck, it isn’t even like anyone was bashing it.

  5. “First, the writing style indicates stupidity, a complete indifference to expressing himself coherently, or most likely both”

    The person is obviously not a native English speaker. Judging by the writing style, probably not even a native speaker of a language with a Latin alphabet.

  6. A brilliant coder built a GreaseMonkey script for the Puzzle Pirate forums that mutes users. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. I’ve wondered on more than one occasion if I could adapt it to other sites. RL muting/banning is still out of my rudimentary coding skill set.

  7. Tesh, those exist for other sites, but I think they are all small and site-specific. I know a group blog for which someone developed a “block this blogger” add-on.

  8. Indeed, I suspected that they would be site specific. Still, if you frequent a site, and there are idiots there, it’s a nice option. ;) Too bad there’s not an IdiotBlock Plus like AdBlock Plus.

  9. My favorite comment was this:
    and iirc you admit you got some free WAR stuff and you promising to be fair to WAR. At least show some courtesy by not posting rumors and fanning doom-and-gloom stuff

    translation : “they bought you and you are not holding up your end of the bargain!” yeah… that is a wierd one.

    Last I heard Hitler is out and Guernica comparisons are what’s in.

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