Sphex War

When y’all get done arguing about whether we should raid the same instance 40 times casually or we should raid the same instance 40 times because we are hardcore, call me.
: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Sphex War”

  1. hardcore vs. casual, raid vs. group vs. solo, pve vs. pvp, mmo x vs. mmo y, … never gets old or does it?

  2. I just want the damn dirty casual out of my exclusive 1% content. The lazy surfs should be chained to the mailbox, awaiting my glorious, epic geared return. I should then be able to PK them, corpse loot them clean, and put their head on my house vendor, like the ‘good old days’.

    Casuals are the little lab rats bred for our elite overlord enjoyment. Plus they breed like rabbits, so you know you will always find more when the current batch runs for the hills.

  3. How about raiding the instance 80 times casually, just not as hardcore?

    Wait..I think I just confused myself on that one…

  4. @Syncaine: Surfs? Are those serfs that look like smurfs, or surfers who aren’t surfing? Or are you wanting water hanging out awaiting your return? Perhaps you need a bath? So confused.

  5. Hell, I thought the raiding that happened on my 401k account was all the raiding I ever needed… Wall Street nerfs suck.

    Yeah, a bit off topic, but that happens when you get set back 15 yrs on retirement, and drink to celebrate… or.. something.

    /wants retirement epics!

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