Lord of the Rings Online Static Group Update

Casualties of War Kinship members: Eostemir, Joli, Syrna, Fairley and at the end: Zuloin (Zoo-loh-in dammit!)

Level at start: most at 16.

Objectives: Finish Book 1 and then travel to Forsaken Inn to quest in that area.

Book 1: Chapter 11: Othrongroth (Map from The Brasse)

We met at Tom Bombadil’s house in the Old Forest to begin this chapter. Tom escorts us to the South Barrows and points us towards the entrance of Othrongroth. He then turns and skips away, thanks for the help Tom! On the way we fought off a couple of Dourhands and then we enter Othrongroth.

Throughout this chapter, we kept seeing the Witch-king and he would say a little something and then flee deeper into Othrongroth. Our goal was to spy on him and see what he was up to. We fought off more Dourhands and even ten rats at one point. There was quite a few ancient chests to loot here and there, but nothing spectacular was inside them. Eventually the Dourhands make way for wights. Lots of wights. Even a few creeping arms. There was a tough battle at the bottom of some stairs where Joli was defeated in battle. Thankfully old Tom was happy to escort him back to us once again.

At this point the Wight-lord Sambrog calls us down the stairs to see him. We approach him and he tells the “evil plot” (like all evil folks do) before summoning his minions to wipe us out, thus sending us to our graves with the knowledge of the “evil plot” lost forever. Too bad he wasn’t planning on our ability to be defeated not once, not twice, but three times without forgetting the “evil plot” at all.

We debated if we wanted to continue this get-defeated-run-back-strategy when who should show up to help but Zuloin (Zoo-loh-in dammit! aka Zubon) a level 15 Guardian. With his assistance we were able to finally beat Sambrog down (of course old Tom shows up at the last second for the kill-steal). We shared the “evil plan” with Tom and finished the chapter.

At this point almost all of us reached level 17 and we decided to call it a night.

– Ethic

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  1. WTB everyone else who played’s commentary on the night.

    I think group talk on group encounters seems very interesting (even if it is lotro giggle face jk budddehz)

  2. I have my Loremaster in position for this week.

    Ethic had decided that my name rhymed with “loin.” “Gloin” must have been a huge problem for him during the books. :p

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